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MPEG 4 advances.

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MPEG 4 advances. logomacitynet1200wide 1

The ISMA – Internet Streaming Media Alliance committee, in which Apple also participates as a founding member (other important names of the industry are: AOL-Time Warner, Cisco, Dolby, IBM, Inktomi, Lucent, Macrovision, National Semiconductor, Philips, SGI, Sun, Thomson Multimedia and others), has just released ISMA 1.0, the specifications that improve the current IETF and MPEG standards for streaming over IP networks. MPEG 4, the standard that Apple intends to push in the near future, is still being defined. two sections are specified in the document: Profile 0, concerns audio / video streaming over wireless, typically on PDAs or mobile phones; Profile 1, touches streaming on broadband networks, therefore addressed to computers and specific set-top-boxes. With this documentation there is no longer any reason to exist for a fast implementation of MPEG 4 as a compression standard because they are defined exactly all the technical and regulatory aspects necessary for practical applications.

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