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Mozilla 1.0: it's finally official.

The announcement awaited by many finally arrived: there is an official Mozilla. The interest and enthusiasm for this software was so high that it organized parties and parties all over the world (here in Italy it will be held in Milan).

Thousands of willing programmers, more than tens of thousands of testers, collaborated on the development, who eventually created this multi-faced software: web-browser, email manager, chat client, HTML code composer, truly a mini-suite The coordination of joint efforts has led to Mozilla 1.0, which boasts of supporting standards for the web in a more adherent way than other competitors. A long list of compatibility lists HTML 4.0, XML 1.0, Resource Description Framework (RDF), Cascading Style Sheets level 1 (CSS1), the W3C Document Object Model level 1 (DOM1) and also the exchange of data via XML and the editing the same XML documents with SOAP 1.1, XSLT, XPath 1.0, FIXptr, and, for those who deal with representing formulas and mathematical equations, there will be no problems using MathML.

Notwithstanding, Mozilla also offers the best interpretation currently available for Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 (CSS2), Document Object Model Level 2 (DOM2), and XHTML. Among other features, the protocols for data transport are also solidly supported, going from HTTP, for FTP to SSL / TLS.

At the first start, a web page full of questions and answers will be loaded on the entire project, on the reasons, the difficulties, how and why to choose Mozilla instead of other browsers. A reading, frankly, highly recommended. Due to its nature of global internationality, which permeates the movement of the Open Source, Mozilla could not fail to be a multilingual product. The browser, in fact, arrives in a dozen different languages, including Italian.

The interface that acts as a glue to the whole does not comply with Aqua's stylistic dictates, but has allowed us to easily program on various Operating Systems; in fact, in order not to dissatisfy any user, Mozilla is available for a large number of platforms, going from the more traditional incarnations of Windows to the various Linux distributions, up to the more esoteric AIX, BeOS, Irix, Solaris and specialized company.

All the incarnations of Mozilla 1.0 are available for free download from a special web page on the Mozilla Organization website.

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