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Move2Mac lands in Europe

Move2Mac lands in Europe. The announcement of the start of the marketing and (probably) marketing of the software for the "migration" from PC to Mac, was given yesterday, in the context of the Macworld Expo.

“Let's start with Great Britain Рthey say to Detto Technologies -, which represents our first natural landing. Then we will also face the markets of other European countries. Our task remains that of extending the facilities made possible by our software to the greatest possible number of users "

Said, in view of the official sale of Move2Mac in Europe, he entered into an agreement with the Irish company NPR which will handle marketing throughout the United Kingdom. There will be demonstrations and "sessions" that will teach how to use Move2Mac demonstrating its potential.

Move2Mac, remember, consists of a "software and hardware" bundle that contains everything needed to make the transition from PC to Mac transparently and easily. Preferences, documents, directories are exported, without complicated "contortions" to make them readable also on Mac.

Two versions are available: one with USB-USB adapter and one with Parallel-USB connector