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Motorola: the phone with iTunes will be made

The phone with iTunes will do it. To clear the doubts in this regard after the worrying rumors of the past few days, was Ed Zander, Motorola's managing director. The manager of the Schaumburg company mentioned the mobile phone during yesterday's press conference, during which quarterly fiscal results were presented.

According to some financial newspapers, such as the Financial Times and Bloomberg News, the CEO has confirmed that the phone is under construction and will be released "in the coming months". No mention of precise dates, only the indication that the mobile phone (which could be called ROKR), will appear in the range of innovative terminals to which the RAZR, one of Motorola's greatest commercial successes in recent times, and the next PEBL are attributed.

Around the 'Mactorola', fruit of the collaboration with Apple, in the last few days dark clouds originated from the reluctance of telephone operators to commercialize a phone that does not bring any advantage to their balance sheets. The phone, in fact, would only be able to read music transferred from a PC (and purchased from the iTunes Music Store) and not from online shops that can be consulted with the phone itself. This is why Motorola would find it difficult to offer the mobile phone, since it should launch it outside the channel of the operator brand terminals and, as such, apply a price free of the subsidies that the carriers offer on the phones they present in their range. In practice, the Mactorola would cost significantly more than competing products.

Zander's claims let us imagine that Motorola and Apple are counting on resolving these contrasts or, alternatively, they don't care about them and hope to find a way to successfully market their mobile phone anyway.