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Motorola still positive

Second positive fiscal quarter lined up for Motorola.

The wing giant, one of Apple's partners, announced yesterday that last quarter closed with 8 cents per share, $ 174 million against net losses of $ 1.2 billion in the same period last year .

To increase the balance sheet sales in the field of cellular telephony which showed an increase in turnover of 11% and profits for 238 million dollars. Motorola's market share in the field of telephony increased by one point to 19% with good results especially in Latin America and North America.

Things are also going fairly well in the semiconductor sector, one of the most accused for the heavy losses of the past fiscal quarters. Revenue grew 15% to $ 1.3 billion with profits of $ 18 million.

According to Motorola CEO Christopher Galvin, the Schaumburg company will continue to invest in research and development to make the segment competitive, among other things, producing the used G4s on almost all of Apple's range.

Despite the profits of the last quarter, the fiscal year 2002 closed with huge losses of 2.5 billion dollars, but lower than those of 2001.

Commenting on the fiscal results, Galvin said he was moderately optimistic for 2003 "there are signs of recovery – said the CEO – that if they are not overshadowed by events of international politics they will have a positive effect on our market"