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More LCD, less CRT

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Pi LCD, less CRT logomacitynet1200wide 1

The computer universe is increasingly turning towards liquid crystal monitors. This is demonstrated by a quarterly survey presented by Display Search, a company specialized in the sector. According to the surveys during the last quarter, the number of LCD monitors sold was double compared to the same period last year with a record of almost 3 million pieces in three months. The sequential growth compared to the previous quarter was significant, + 23%, an important figure especially if we consider the crisis affecting the world of IT. The figure compared to the same period of last year is even exciting, + 131%, which means that at the moment the LCD monitors have reached 12.1 of the installed base.The cause and also partially the effect of the increase in the number of LCD the price drop. Currently, a 15 ″ LCD has prices in the US that are around $ 500, but $ 400 models are starting to appear. The Display Search estimate shows that in the next quarter the average price could drop by 20% and the turnover can reach 2.7 billion dollars, consequently the CRT monitors are losing ground and the companies that are engaged in their production begin to lose turnover from this sector. The roof drops from the top reached in 1999, when tube monitors achieved a turnover of nearly 20 billion dollars, to about 10 billion dollars in 2007, as Stanford Research claims. The number of pieces sold, however, may not drop significantly, at least not as much as their cost. Low computerization countries, such as Afica and some Middle and Far East countries, where CRTs will continue to have sufficient popularity and to accompany the sale of new systems, will support demand. Parallel to one of the essential factors will be the consolidation of producers which will tend to become of greater proportions. This is demonstrated by the recent merger of the monitor sector of NEC and Mitsubishi and that between Philips and LG.

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