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More and more applications for Os X

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More and more applications for Os X logomacitynet1200wide 1

There are four thousand native applications available to date for MacOs X. The account was made by Apple herself, who placed the figure at the center of one of her press releases, strongly underlining the great progress made in terms of charred programs. It must be said that the list includes a large number of freeware and shareware programs that magnify the calculation. But equally true that in the last few weeks, in view of the release of MacOs X 10.1, a large number of professional programs have been added. Apple in its release lists, among others, Maya, Internet Explorer 5.1, Acrobat Reader 5.0, Freehand 10, Stuffit Deluxe, Painter 7, FileMaker Pro, Symantec packages such as Norton AntiVirus, Norton Personal Firewall and Norton Internet Security. It should not be forgotten that Microsoft is about to release in a charred version Office for Mac, which alone can convince many users to switch to the new operating system. The update to MacOs X 10.1 seems then also able to convince many third-party manufacturers parts, peripherals and accessories to embrace the MacOs thanks to the refinements in the drivers and in the support of the I / O devices. Another interested choice was the direct support of the digital cameras that connected to the USB port are immediately recognized and it is possible to download the content. cards without installing additional drivers. A feature that is not enough to make the statements of Canon and Nikon managers appearing in yesterday's press releases seem overly emphatic.And always about external accessories yesterday Palm has made it known that the version for MacOs X will have some new features. To access Palm Desktop baster, press and hold the icon on the dock for instant access to the application. The entire look and feel of the application has also been redesigned to be in the style of Aqua.

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