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Moore: my law valid for 10 years

Moore's law will still be valid for 10 years, although this will involve significant technological efforts. Word of Moore

Intel's co-founder is the 'inventor' of the (empirical but still effective) rule that establishes that the number of transistors present on processors doubles every two years, he expressed this opinion during a conference held in San Francisco and its authoritative opinion was reported by all newspapers

Transistor and chip costs drop continuously. Today there are millions and millions of transients on each processor, at the end of the 1950s there were 200. "The semiconductor industry" said Moore "has grown 800 times since then. Progress will continue but at a slower pace over the next few years

The development will be held back by the consumption of the chips that will require increasingly sophisticated technologies that will be difficult to study but will arrive.

Moore recalled that at the beginning of the development it was thought that the circuitry could not fall below a miniaturization of 0.25 microns, now already reached 0.13 microns and learned to fall below the 0 threshold, 10 microns. "The laws of physics are being fought," said Moore "the dividing lines between one transistor and the other are thinner than the wavelength of light used to engrave them"

About his law Moore said that when he elaborated it and then corrected it (in 1975) he never thought it was a precise and objective parameter, but the facts showed that it was more pertinent to reality than you could imagine.