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Monitor 20.1 Apple, Wide or non Wide?

The chances that the rumored 20.1-inch Apple monitor may be in wide format have not entirely gone away.

In fact, despite the fact that Apple's preferred TFT supplier, LG.Philips, does not have any 20.1-inch model with a widescreen on the list, another very successful manufacturer at Apple presented a TFT with this size and ratio just a few weeks ago. 16: 9.

We are talking about Chi Mei Optoelectronics, a Taiwanese company that is one of the major manufacturers and dealers of TFT screens. Scrolling through the list of displays for monitors dedicated to IT, in fact, we find a F8964 IPS model whose dimensions are just 20.1 inches and the "wide" aspect.

What makes us suspect that this may be the TFT that Apple could adopt the consideration that Chi Mei is not any company in the relationship with Apple.

The Taiwanese have long supported some of the third parties that assemble the iMacs, PowerBooks and iBooks in the plants of Nationalist China and have probably been the manufacturers of the iMac LCD monitors for a few months.

In addition to this Chi Mei one of the three companies (the other two are Samsung and LG.Philips) that Apple "certifies" for the construction of TFT suitable for its monitors.

Finally, in recent days rumors have spread on the Internet about an agreement between Apple and Chi Mei itself for the supply of displays for both desktop and laptop monitors.

All this, added to the name that Apple has given to the certified monitor at the end of November (Cinema HD) gives hope that it is a Wide display and that Chi Mei provides the TFT

Unfortunately, at the moment, the technical specifications of the F8964 IPS are not provided on the Chi Mei website; but if they are those of other latest generation products in the catalog, we would be faced with a very advanced product, on a par with those produced by LG.Philips and perhaps with a slightly lower cost.