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Modding | CyanogenMod: 10 reasons to choose it + installation guide

Modding | CyanogenMod: 10 reasons to choose it + installation guide

CyanogenMod one of the most popular custom ROMs in the Android landscape: let's see together 10 reasons why you should install this ROM and the complete procedure to install it in a simple way, avoiding errors.

10 Reasons to choose it:

One of the main reasons they make it CyanogenMod one of the best ROM for Android, to have, among the Custom ROMs, the widest compatibility of devices. In fact, there are 105 devices currently officially supported but, if we consider the unofficial releases, it can practically be installed on all devices on the market.

In fact, another strength point is the stability, most of the existing ROMs, have many bugs and various errors that make them very unstable and difficult to use. CyanogenMod instead presents a limited number of bugs which, in the stable versions, is reduced to almost zero.

This ROM has a huge number of features that will greatly improve your device and make all operations simpler and more intuitive, from daily use to more complex requests.

If you think that the installation of a Custom ROM could slow down your device, in fact, thanks to its structure, CyanogenMod does not slow down your smartphone but, on the contrary, makes it more fast and performing, improving it in every aspect.

Another feature of great importance is the availability, practically daily, of updates. In this way, your smartphone, both of the latest generation and older, will keep up with the latest features released by Google. Furthermore, in case of some bugs, it will be immediately fixed to make your phone always perform.

Thanks to the huge number of options and settings, you can customize how you want your device, thus adapting it to your needs and the use you make of it.

The CyanogenMod team is one of the best and most numerous in the field Custom ROM, this makes their projects always functional and updated and also a guarantee of quality.

CyanogenMod is a project in continuous improvement and development, that means that you will have a system on your device that will continue to evolve and improve over time and that, with each new update, will bring you new features, making your experience better every day.

An important thing when we use our phone is security and respect for privacy and CyanogenMod protects everything there. In fact, thanks to a series of dedicated options and applications, you can make your smartphone more secure, for example by choosing which permissions to grant to the applications we have installed or by using an independent and encrypted messaging service.

Finally, another of the features of this ROM is its openness to development and allediting. In fact, many Custom ROMs currently available are based on source code of CyanogenMod and therefore also for developers this perfect ROM as a starting point for their work.

We have listed 10 reasons why you should choose to install this ROM but there are many others, to find out all of them you just have to try it. If you want to know how to install it, continue reading the article and follow the procedure that we will show you below. In the meantime, here is a gallery where some typical functions from the ROM are shown.

Installation procedure:

  • Step 1: The first step to download the ROM, to do it we head to the download page of the official website and look for our device. Once found, we download the most recent version and insert the .zip file that we have downloaded in a folder that we want on the phone.
  • Step 2: To install the ROM we need one modified recovery (here the complete guide). Once entered the recovery, we must, first of all, completely clean our device by deleting all the files. To do it click on WIPEDATA and then on YES, then go to the item MOUNT AND STORAGE and then click on FORMAT / SYSTEM, finally go to ADVANCED and then click on WIPE DALVIK CACHE.

(ATTENTION: as already mentioned, this operation will erase all your data!)

  • Step 4: Once all the files on our device have been deleted, we can install the ROM. To do this we go to INSTALL ZIP and then to CHOOSE ZIP FROM / SDCARD and here we select the folder in which we previously inserted the .zip file of the rom.
  • Step 6: Once the operations are completed we can restart our smartphone by pressing on REBOOT SYSTEM NOW and on the next restart we will have CyanogenMod installed on our device.

This procedure applies to the first time we install the ROM, if instead we have already installed CyanogenMod and we have to update it to a new version, then we will have to perform only the operations from Step 4 onwards and therefore it will not be necessary to delete our data.

For any doubt, question or request for explanation, you can refer to the comments form, the Android.Caotic editorial staff remains at your disposal for clarification and support, where possible, in applying the guide to all its readers.


The guide is intended for illustrative purposes, with this the drafting of Android.Caotic does not assume responsibility for any damage occurred to your terminal during the steps, aware of the risks, well exposed, to which it is possible to incur.

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