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MobileMe for Win included in iTunes 8 for PC and then removed

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MobileMe for Win included in iTunes 8 for PC and then removed logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has included Bonjour and MobileMe services as part of the iTunes 8 installer for PC without notifying or requesting permission from users, until September 10. Since yesterday, Apple has changed course: MobileMe is no longer included in the package.

Until September 10, users of PC systems with Windows Vista and Windows XP who proceeded with the installation of iTunes 8 also found the Bonjour and MobileMe Control Panel services within their system, this without any specific communication and without an explicit allowed in this sense.

Cupertino then returned to their choices by removing the MobileMe control panel from the iTunes 8 installation package for PC, this during the day yesterday. The fact documented by the posts of numerous users who appeared on the Web. We recall that the MobileMe software was installed on the PC even if the user was not registered with Apple's cloud services.

Not the first time that Cupertino inserts undeclared software into its PC programs that is installed without any communication and without even requiring explicit permission from users of Windows systems. this still occurred with MobileMe when updating iTunes to version 7.7. Previously, however, the iTunes update services had been used by Apple to propose the installation of Safari always on PC systems. As for the installations of iTunes 8 on PC performed up to 10 September, and up to an unspecified hour of yesterday, the user must manually remove unwanted programs.

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