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MobileFinder, bring files to iPhone and iPod touch

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Apple has not yet natively introduced the ability to enable iPhone and iPod as a portable hard drive. Pixiotech thinks about it with MobileFinder, a program available on the App Store that will allow you to connect your computer with the appropriate multitouch device and to transfer, copy or delete files.

In addition, MobileFinder also works as a file manager, files can be created, organized and modified directly on the device, and thanks to the FTP protocol, they can also be reached through a simple browser.

Here are the full features

* Intuitive file browsing * Transfer supported on Mac and PC * Compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 * Compatible with Windows XP and Vista * Compatible with Linux * Standard file operations * Creating and editing text files * Viewing images * Playback of songs and videos, PDF and web files * Zip file compression * Support for MS Office and iWork documents

MobileFinder can be purchased for only 1.59 euros, a very reasonable figure given the many features offered. Anyone interested in the interesting purchase can reach MobileFinder at this link.