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Mixed reactions to Apple's news

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Mixed reactions to Apple's news –

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Merrill Lynch defines Jobs' news as "scarce" and advises investors to sell Apple shares before they drop, considering the market erosion that the Cupertino company would be suffering and the difficulty of presenting differentiated products in a market increasingly done by "commodities". Note that the analysis report, prepared by Steven Milunovich, was published a few hours before Steve Jobs started the keynote. But the effect for many online news sites has been the same negative

In general, there is a great deal of emphasis on the Internet especially for the presentation of an internally developed browser: almost all Anglo-American online newspapers underline this among all the other applications seen on the Moscone Center stage. Although in beta, Safari is already available for download and the very first impressions of use are extremely positive. Infoworld wonders if Jobs has failed to camouflage a defensive move (the end of the agreement with Microsoft regarding the commercialization of Macs with Internet Explorer pre-installed) with a courageous attack move.

Strong attention also to the 17-inch Titanium, which presents itself as a relatively inexpensive and completely alternative solution to a fixed station for many information sites. More in shadow, however, the 12-inch model, which follows the size of the iBook despite having a G4 processor and the same homes in aluminum.

Two hours after the end of the keynote, Google News reported the presence of 68 updated news on Apple. A high average, considering that the Cupertino company will only present the economic results of the first quarter of 2003 (staggered compared to the calendar year) on which there is great expectation. In recent days, Apple's stock had been listed as "interesting" and "to buy", apart from Merrill Lynch's report.

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