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Minecraft coming to Android


Minecraft one of the most important and best recognizable games currently on the market. Started as a simple indie game, currently a great phenomenon that continues to increase more and more. It achieved such success that led Microsoft to acquire it for two and a half billion dollars. This game continues to bring large numbers of users every day.

Apparently an important collaboration was born Mojang, the software house behind this famous game, and Telltale Games, a very important company in the mobile gaming sector that has developed titles of the caliber of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. This collaboration should open a new story for Minecraft bringing the success of computer games to mobile devices running Android. This is a big qualitative leap for this game that will arrive in Story mode.

Minecraft Story will be an excellent adventure game divided into five episodes, not many to be honest, The interesting plot and our hero will have to deal with a super villain named Jesse and his perfidious machinations. It is not yet known how much Minecraft will cost once launched on Google Play and if there will be a free version.

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