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Microsoft to savings

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Microsoft to savings logomacitynet1200wide 1

The X-BOX will not have a 10 GB disk but an 8 GB disk. In fact, Microsoft announced yesterday that it has backed down on this feature of its console, the launch is now close, after having, with great pomp, presented the upgrade to the press during the summer. Redmond does not explain the reasons for the "downgrade" , merely justifying it with "practical reasons". In fact, some analysts have speculated that Microsoft is trying to save some money in production costs that are very high compared to the possible profit margins. Indeed, according to some sources, Microsoft will not earn at all from the sale of the first specimens but will lose money; around 200,000 lire per CPU sold. A painful but necessary choice if Bill Gates' company intends to contrast the PSX-2 on the market. The cut to disk size is part of a cut of costs deemed unnecessary. Recall that the PSX-2 does not have a Hard Disk.In recent weeks rumors had emerged about other problems inherent in the production of the X-BOX which ranged from structural design to the difficulties of maintaining assembly rhythms to the possible sliding of the distribution date to stores which, for North America, remains set for November 15th.

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