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Microsoft seeks inspiration for its tablet from iPad users

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Microsoft seeks inspiration for its tablet from iPad users –

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A commonplace of IT legends has it that all the best Cupertino ideas are copied in Redmond. This may not have always been true, but the urban legend seems to materialize for the eventual future tablet of Microsoft destined to compete with iPad. In an interesting and unique post on Facebook, Microsoft invites iPad users willing to be studied, observed and most likely even interviewed about their own styles of use and use of the Apple tablet on the Redmond campus. The invitation to participate in these study sessions in which iPad users act as guinea pigs comes from the User Research section of Microsoft.

The invitation is valid from Friday 16 July until 21 July: users who decide to participate will receive a gift or a Microsoft device as a gift. A payment system perhaps a bit strange to entice an audience of potential interested parties that most likely has many passionate users of Mac and Apple. It is difficult to guess what the ultimate goal of the Microsoft study is: perhaps Redmond wants to better understand what iPad really is for, for what purposes users first buy it and then only later they personally decide the main fields of use. This in fact the secret of pulcinella that remains so even for those who have owned iPad for months: who knows if a study in the classroom will be able to unravel the mystery of the Apple tablet. Finally, it seems that in Redmond they are particularly interested in students who own iPads, perhaps for some project or application of tablets in the education sector.

The news of the Microsoft announcement on Facebook for the study of iPad users was published by TechCrunch which also published several screenshots of the invitation. At the time of writing, the original ad no longer appears to be available online.

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