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Microsoft process, chapter two

Microsoft trial, second chapter logomacitynet1200wide 1

States dissenting from the agreement between DOJ and Microsoft, California, Massachusetts Utah, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota and West Virginia, presented the reasons for their rejection to Judge Kollar-Kotelly by officially announcing their intention to proceed further and continue the legal process. The trial entered today, therefore, in a new phase that foresees other deadlines. The judge will collect from here to the end of February a series of comments and documents from the parties for and against Microsoft. This documentation will serve to constitute the corpus necessary to adequately address the proposals that will come from the States themselves. The attorneys of the party opposed to Microsoft will in fact have to present for the month of March a new remedy to the monopolistic practices of Microsoft that will have to be passed to the scrutiny of the court.Meanwhile Microsoft has already seen rejected the request to defer the proceeding concerning the states when the agreement with the DOJ was not approved. If the request had been accepted, the lawsuit would have suffered a setback of a few months.

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