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Microsoft launches Windows 10X for dual-screen folding notebooks

Microsoft launches Windows 10X for dual-screen folding notebooks

The Microsoft Developer Day the appointment for developers to find out what's new for dual-screen devices. This year the event brought several interesting announcements, one of which was the Microsoft operating system Windows 10X than a popular operating system format to better support dual screens.

At this year's Developer Day event, Microsoft has finally launched its long-awaited Windows 10X emulator. This means that it will no longer be necessary to rely on alternative solutions that are proprietary to individual OEMs, but that we will be able to use the version of Windows.

Windows 10X

We already told you about Windows 10X and how this works, today we want to update you on its use of dual screen devices. Almost all traditional Windows programs (ie those Win32) seems to be compatible on Windows 10X, the new version of the operating system designed for modern two-screen devices. There most software more popular like browsers, Office and Spotify should work smoothly and the company has announced that it is working with a developer theme to minimize incompatibilities.

According to the official indications of Microsoft they will remain excluded from compatibility only programs that modify the structure and files of the operating system and programs that install drivers. Microsoft explained that the operating system performs all app in containers , i.e. special virtual machines that will be able to offer compatibility for all types of Windows system apps, from Win32 to UWP.

The software giant has released two new videos showing the new version of Windows running on Surface Duo and Surface Neo laptops. In Surface Duo, a dual-screen notebook from Microsoft, it seems simple enough to update existing Windows apps to take full advantage of the potential offered by the two screens.

An example of an app that will be easier to use PicsArt, an image editing application for the Windows operating system. Following the update, the main screen will carry out the checks and changes, while the finished product will be displayed on the secondary screen.

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