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Microsoft double-edged philanthropism

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The Chicago-based Islamic organization, BIF – Benevolence International Foundation, one of the many charitable companies that have benefited from donations from Microsoft and its president Bill Gates, is estimated to be a "paltry" total of $ 10 / 20,000.

What's wrong, you say? Nothing, except that the FBI believes that this organization is in some way connected to Al-Qaeda, since it has been financing the terrorist training camps since 1992 which the Osama bin Laden organization (active since the late 1980s) sends in various corners of the world to do damage.

BIF has transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars to various banks in the countries most affected by wars, apparently for the victims but, according to FBI investigations, to support local terrorists.

Compaq, the Swiss bank UBS and other companies also appear to have fallen into the Benevolence International Foundation "network" in the past.

Once the conjunction between the non-profit organization BIF and the terrorists was discovered, all donation flows would be suspended.

The head of BIF, Enaam Arnaout (dual Bosnian and American nationality, but a native of Syria), will soon be tried in the United States for conspiracy.