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Microsoft could develop iPhone games

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Microsoft may develop iPhone games logomacitynet1200wide 1

Contrary to what one might think, Microsoft is planning to develop and bring some of its most interesting video games to iPhone, operating an extension of the same on multiple platforms, reveals an interview published by Xbox 360 to Phil Spencer, head of the video games division by Microsoft, interview obtained during the last E3.

According to Spencer, the idea of ​​developing iPhone games could also lead to an "extension" of other Xbox 360 games. Microsoft would only be waiting for the right opportunity: to date, the developers of Redmond already know that this is technically feasible; they are only waiting for the ideal scenario to be created to actually implement these projects.

The idea that the iPhone can start playing a role of a certain caliber also in the world of videogaming begins to become more and more consistent. To be punctual, for now it has been more the words that play the lion's share; everyone – including Microsoft – awaits the next video games, to see if the promises will be kept and well received by the market.

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