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MicroBees: The Low Cost Home Automation System!

MicroBees: The Low Cost Home Automation System!

MicroBees an innovative system that allows you to control yours domestic appliances comfortably from your smartphone and monitor its absorption power, born from a young StartUp and also presented at SMAU Milan.

What is the characteristic that distinguishes MicroBees?

MicroBees is one of a kind because it allows you to use functions intelligent Cloud based, configurable easily via the application for iOS and Android

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It is possible to activate functions by associating them with Likes or Facebook commands, setting smart timers, setting switch-ons via the forecast, for example, if we have an automatic sprinkler, an idea would be to decrease the water if the humidity in the high air, or to remove it completely if it is raining. All this thanks to the powerful functions Cloud which make MicroBees a truly unique tool.

The 3 Components of MicroBees

MicroBees composed of 3 fundamental components, each one performs its own specific function, the 3 components are: gateBee, senseBee and wireBee.



gateBee the central component for the system of automation and takes care of the management of all microbees devices within your environment. Allows the creation of intelligent automation services thanks to its native alcloud connection of microbeess exploiting the connection to Internet, it can be connected to the internet either via the ethernet port or via Wi-Fi. communicates with the other components of the platform (wireBee and senseBee) without wiring and without technical interventions, via a radio interface.



senseBee is a component that acts as if it were a thermostat, but in a more smart and technological way. It is equipped with 4 electrical contacts to control boilers and solenoid valves, allows the creation of simple or complex automation rules for managing the climate using the microBees servizicloud which is accessed through communication with gateBee. Thanks to the Application, it is possible to dictate rules of operation based on the position, for example, you could start to activate the heaters when you are 500 meters from home, so as to enter the house and find it already hot.



wireBee the component that allows you to record all yours consumption electrical and to minimize them through intelligent automation rules. Notify steadily the alcloud absorption data using a gateBee and makes them available through the App or the web.


the price for a basic kit consisting of gateBee and senseBee or gateBee and wireBee of 338 and the prices of the individual components are: 189 for gateBee and 149 for senseBee and wireBee. A truly competitive price, which with just over 300 allows you to automate your home.

the MicroBees website

the application for Android can be found on the Play Store

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