Methods for capturing screenshots on LG G4

Methods for capturing screenshots on LG G4

You'll want to take a picture of your screen LG G4 to send it to your friend via WhatsApp or other services. All Android smartphones provide the ability to make one screenshots of what you are viewing on the screen of your device. If you asked yourself how to make onescreenshot on LG G4, the procedure similar to that of the previous smartphone models produced by LG. If you have never owned an LG smartphone, I will explain below how to take a picture of the screen LG G4.

The screen capture operation, orscreenshotsin English, its purpose is to save the image displayed on the screen of your smartphone, saving it in the gallery of the device. In case you do not know how to take a screenshot on LG G4 or have forgotten the combination of keys to press, below will explain the easiest way you can use to capture the screen in a simple and effective way.screenshot on lg g4

How to capture screenshots on lg g4

The easiest and most immediate way to capture a screenshot on LG G4 is to hold down the keys simultaneouslyPower + Volume Gi,until you hear a click. At this point you have made a screenshot of the screen displayed on your LG G4. Immediately after capturing the screen, a notification will appear in the notification center which, if pressed, will allow you to quickly access the image. Alternatively, if you want to access your screenshots later, you can do so by opening the Gallery application.

Take a screenshot on LG G4, as you have seen, a very simple operation and it can be done with a combination of two keys. If you found an alternative method to do this, for example via an app or a widget, let us know via comments. If, on the other hand, you have encountered problems or would like to have clarifications on the matter, you can write to us through the space dedicated to the comments you find at the end of each article.

LG G4, like all Android phones, you can customize it by getting root permissions, if you don't know how to do it, I suggest you read this guide:

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