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Methanol in laptops

The technology that aims to produce batteries that use methanol to supply electricity is taking steps forward. The system, after the first experiments we also talked about by Macity some time ago, now at a crucial point during which a refinement of nanotechnology to be able to take the decisive step towards mass production. At the moment NEC, which with Sony the company that is most working on the project, seems to have found a solution through the use of a form of carbon called Fullerene in which atoms can be grouped by making them take on different geometric shapes. Thanks to the fullerene, modeled in a conical form, the NEC batteries are able to catalyze the chemical reaction that determines the production of electricity from methanol. Thanks to the fullerene, the operating temperatures and the speed with which the methanol batteries begin to supply energy are much improved compared to the first experiments. The methanol batteries will mainly be destined for cell phones and laptops which will benefit in many ways from the new technology. Cells provide ten times the energy of lithium-ion energy at equal weight and are 20% more efficient. Finally, they are simply recharged using a methanol charger that can be taken with you even to places where there is no electricity. According to NEC, the series production of methanol batteries could take off between 2003 and 2005.