Messenger Rooms available on Android and iOS: what it is and how it works

Messenger Rooms available on Android and iOS: what it is and how it works

Messenger Rooms it is officially available to everyone after the short test period to which the service has been subjected to verify its correct functioning. Announced in late April, Rooms provides users with a new tool to stay in touch with loved ones by accessing virtual rooms directly from Facebook and Messenger.


Messenger Rooms is a free group video call service through which you create a virtual room where you can invite your friends, even those who do not have a Facebook account. The maximum number of participants in the room is set at 50, and there are no time limits.

As Zuckerberg himself explains in a post, Messenger Rooms wants to be the answer to all the group video call platforms currently used for work or educational purposes. Rooms is dedicated to its own private sphere was born as a tool to keep in touch with several friends at the same time and to maintain social relationships, albeit at a distance. In short, a sort of video calls of WhatsApp and Messenger extended to more people.


Creating a room is immediate: on Facebook just click on "Create room" (iOS) or "Room" (Android). A page will open where they will define themselves

  • room activity: a simple chat or a graduation party, you are spoiled for choice among the recommended options (but you can also create a new one)
  • who can access: all FB friends or only some specific people (via link or inviting a whole group)
  • start time: from here you define the day and time of "opening" of the room

Same procedure also on Messenger, through which you can select the contacts to invite. From Facebook, then, the link to access the room can be shared through your feed, or even through Groups and Events. Then who created the room not only chooses who enters, but is also able to remove the accounts that participate.

The roll out of Messenger Rooms is still ongoing, and Facebook guarantees that many new features will be released in the future. Soon, then, the rooms can also be accessed from Instagram and WhatsApp. And precisely on this integration Facebook has already been working for some time.


It is not the first time that Facebook uses the name "Rooms" for one of its services: in 2014, in fact, it had launched an iPhone app called Rooms. In that case it was a sort of forum in which to invite people (even unknown) to discuss a topic, with a moderator, rules and bans.

And in 2016 a "first version" of Messenger Rooms had made its appearance in Australia and Canada: here, too, it was about spaces for sharing ideas, not video calls.