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Maya for Mac to version 4.5

Alias ​​| Wavefront, after entering the Mac world, has now become a regular guest of the Macworld. Also this year the Canadian company presents one of the most elaborate and visited stands. Obviously in the foreground is Maya, the world's leading 3D modeling application and used in production studios that create the greatest cinema hits and major advertising films.

In New York Alias ​​| Wavefront presents the new version of Maya, the 4.5.

The update puts the version for Mac OS X on par with that for other platforms and includes new modeling tools, support for multiprocessor machines and several interface innovations. to increase market penetration of the package by 25%. "Which software company in the world would not like to see its diffusion percentage increase by 25%", Jobs wondered during the keynote.

Alias ​​| Wavefront confirmed that Maya's sales for Mac exceeded the expectations outlined by the company itself.

The new version will go on sale in September, at a price that will be $ 1999 for the American market.