Maxcio universal travel adapter review

Maxcio universal travel adapter review

universal travel adapter

More and more technological devices we use every day that we must necessarily load daily. Smartphones, tablets, smart watches and headphones are on the agenda of the products we always have with us. For this reason, when we travel in foreign countries, it is necessary to equip ourselves with the necessary adapters to recharge the individual devices. Recently I was in Ireland and I found myself faced with the question as to which one travel adapter buy. Traveling in two, the devices to be recharged are doubled. Therefore, the requirements that I required for my ideal adapter were two: to load many devices at the same time minimizing the bulk and reusing the adapter even in most foreign countries with sockets different from the Italian one. In order not to be discovered on my next trip, I started looking for a good universal adapter and I came across this from Maxcio.

Maxcio universal travel adapter

The universal travel adapter manufactured by Maxcio meets all the requirements I had listed above. small, compact, it provides many charging sockets and can be used all over the world (200 different countries). If you travel often and need a highly versatile product, I recommend you try the solution proposed by Maxcio, because he has fully satisfied me. You can find it on Amazon for the price of 20.99 but using the discount code YDXUU92C within the 30 November 2019, you can buy it at price of 15.99.

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As did?

The universal travel adapter produced by Maxcio is characterized by its small size (only 7cm x 5cm x 5cm) if compared to all its possible solutions. I had no difficulty in placing it in any pocket, including that of the PC case, or in the outer pockets of the suitcases.

At the top there is the entrance for a socket, be it Italian, European, English, American or Australian. On the right side, on the other hand, there are three buttons that, if activated, allow you to extract the plug of the country of our interest. This means that not only can we use the device with Italian outlets in foreign countries, but we can also use it in Italy with technology product outlets purchased abroad. On the right side, if pressed, a button allows you to retract the plug from the back of the travel adapter.

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On the short side they have been positioned 4 type A USB ports. The maximum total output power of 5V and 5.6A and the travel adapter, with the intelligent IC function, able to deliver the best current depending on the number and type of connected devices. Finally, one was placed on one of the two sides of the socket type C USB port, present more and more frequently in the latest generation smartphones. In total, the device is equipped with 6 sockets to be able to charge smartphones, tablets, cameras or small household appliances such as hair dryers or curling tongs.

Security systems

The possibility of managing several devices that can be charged, has led to the need to integrate a mechanism to avoid an overload of current, voltage or excessive heating. The universal travel adapter by Maxcio in fact CE, FC and ROHS certified.

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The universal travel adapter made by Maxcio stands out as a compact but highly versatile product. You can easily transport it thanks to its extremely reduced dimensions and at the same time it allows the simultaneous charging of 6 devices (4 USB-A, 1 USB-C and a universal socket). It has everything you need to safely face your journey anywhere in the world with your multiple devices to load.

If you are interested in purchasing this Maxcio adapter, go Amazon it is sold at the price of 20.99. Using the discount code YDXUU92C within the 30 November 2019, you can buy for the price of 15.99.