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Marks & Spencer will create classic men's clothes for iPod

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After conquering sportswear, iPod is catching on even in the most classic fashion: Marks & Spencer is about to launch a men's suit suitable for those who carry out a job in which the matching jacket / tie is needed.

The special feature of the jacket will be the integration with iPod using technology developed with Eleksen, a manufacturer of Eletex sensors and keypads, which can be integrated into the fabric. It will be a five-key minipad, through which to control the iPod previously connected to the appropriate jack hidden internally .

Now even those who want more classic and rigorous clothing will have immediate support in order to always have with them the musical accompaniment offered by the Cupertino player.

Also consider the excellent price: 90 pounds the jacket and 50 the trousers. To date, the new Marks & Spencer clothes are not yet on sale on the official website, but we can still show you below an example of an invoice of the M&S garments.

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