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The time has come for the debut of the graphical interface for Linux created by Eazel. Around the event there is great expectation also in the Mac world, especially for the names of those who worked around the project. The company was in fact founded and made up of a large number of engineers and programmers who participated in the creation of the graphic interface of the Mac. Among the leaders of Eazel there are individualities such as Andy Hertzfeld, who created the key components of the graphic interface of the Mac , Guy "Bud" Tribble, head of the original software sector of the Mac project and Mike Boich, who was the first evangelist of the Apple. The new interface, called Nautilus, will follow in all respects the philosophy of Linux. It will be downloadable for free from the Internet and Eazel will earn by selling support and services. The hope is to encourage the use of Linu in the only sector where until now not yet widespread: small business and offices. To this day, due to the lack of a coherent interface, Linux is still almost unknown. The availability of a product such as Nautilus could change this situation. If users welcome it, Eazel will soon launch a second loan offer in addition to the one that has already yielded more than 26 billion in recent months. In perspective there is also the listing on the stock exchange at the beginning of next year. A preview of Nautilus should be available as soon as possible from the Eazel website

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