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Mafiaboy at the bar

Mafiaboy at the dock

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Completely innocent. So the first 16-year-old Canadian known under the pseudonym "Mafiaboy" stated that he was the first to appear before the court and that according to the FBI he was responsible for the massive DOS attack (Denial fo Service Attack) which blocked sites like CNN last winter , Yahoo and Amazon. On the shoulders of the young man, at the moment, 64 counts are charged. Ten refer to the DOS attacks and another 54 to computer crimes that Mafiaboy committed to carry out the assaults on the sites. Offenses that according to Canadian investigators and the American police, despite his protested innocence, would have been committed by him. "There is no doubt that it was he – says the prosecution – we have the evidence also constituted by explicit declarations in chat rooms and telephone conversations". Mafiaboy, who will return to the courtroom on September 28 to fix the date of the trial, he is described as a normal boy, not even too good at using computers. At the moment the Canadian boy is free even if under observation by the police. If the charges were confirmed, under Canadian law, they could face up to two years in juvenile detention.

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