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Madonna sings for XP

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Madonna sings for XP logomacitynet1200wide 1

The terrorist attacks in New York did not dissuade Microsoft from using the city as a stage for the launch of Windows XP, but forced Redmond to change the slogan that will accompany the presentation of the new OS on American territory. The previous motto "Prepare to Fly", "prepare to fly" was not considered adequate for the particular moment that the world is experiencing because, as is evident, it conveys a negative message. Instead, Microsoft has decided to use "Yes, you can", "Of course you can" as the slogan. The choice of the phrase that will accompany the launch of XP only a part of the complex marketing campaign that is about to start all over the world and which will cost 200 million dollars, more than 400 billion lire. A good part, it is clear from the declarations of the managers of Redmond, will be spent on TV commercials, high for various support operations, such as the rights that Microsoft will pay to Madonna, whose song "Ray of Light" will be the soundtrack for the commercials .After the Rolling Stones (whose "Start me Up" had supported the presentation of Windows 95) another prominent figure of world music therefore brings its name to that of Microsoft. According to some sources, the queen of pop could also be a guest of the convention that will take place on October 25, as said in New York, for the launch of Windows XP. Overall Microsoft plans 62 events worldwide that will involve a total of 100,000 people and the distribution of 11 million CDs which will contain demo versions of the new Os

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