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Macworld: the world of finance remains imperturbable

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Macworld: the world of finance remains imperturbable –

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The news of the San Francisco keynote has left investors unperturbed for now.

The AAPL list, in fact, closed yesterday substantially unchanged (-0.34%), a decidedly unusual fact if one thinks of the upward or downward jolts that Cupertino stocks have always suffered after the opening of the Macworld.

Obviously, contrary to what has always happened, those who deal professionally with managing the portfolios of their customers engaged on Wall Street at the moment are still unable to have sufficiently clear ideas on what the ads could mean in terms of growth or decrease in profits of yesterday.

A significant part of the static nature of Apple's list also due to the fact that many investors are waiting to understand how business will have gone in the quarter that ended in late December. The tax results statement expected for next week and, probably, in the next few hours rumors and predictions will begin to emerge about it. In the short term, this is the aspect that will end up influencing Wall Street's approach to the AAPL title to a greater extent.

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