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Macworld, success on all fronts

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As tradition we take stock of the Macworld Expo from our … point of view, that of Macity.

Pitting figures, data, number of hits and pages served, is a premise, not a way to boast of the results, but a good way to understand and understand the interest surrounding an event and consequently measure the temperature, the near future, of Apple.

In light of all this and making a first, summary, count of what happened on Macitynet from last Monday to yesterday, we can well say that Jobs this time has set up a very thick keynote that has shaken the Apple community from the ground up and this not only for the umpteenth record of pages served (the Macworld on Macity have always recorded, for the constant growth trend of the network, a number of pages served higher than the previous ones), but for the extraordinary "spread" compared to the week average.

Macitynet from last Monday to yesterday, thus inserting three holidays (usually marked by data well below those of an average day, they tell us that our servers have provided more than 600,000 pages with over 17,000 different users in a day. extraordinary and which, as mentioned, represent a definitely unusual growth compared to that, albeit very consistent, which occurs coinciding with the Macworld.

This intense traffic also had some small negative implications such as a certain "laziness" in the service of the pages. On the other hand, our server, oversized to allow comfortable use even on peak days, found itself facing an exceptional and unexpected workload. On the day of the keynote, despite the disabling of all non-front end services and the choice to serve the inaugural speech page without images and without advertising, we had almost 2.5 million processes, well more than the double of a day that we classify with intense traffic, with peaks of 70 processes per second (and three pages served per second) in the moments of greatest flow. Understandable, therefore, the signs of fatigue that have marked some hours of our Internet service.

All of this, as we mentioned at the beginning, was certainly thanks to Jobs' announcements. An interest that has been very high for the novelties of the hardware, but also of the software and this is also our forum where we are discussing with passion and participation of products such as new applications, X-11 and, above all, Safari.

As we have anticipated, other services are being prepared by the Expo, the result of interviews and investigations by our correspondents at MacWorld: we will sum up at the weekend. We would be delighted to achieve the objectives we had set for this year since January: reach one and a half million pages served with over 200,000 different readers in a month; we are very close and we can only thank our collaborators, the sponsors who allow us to support the significant commitments of infrastructures and services and above all our readers and the collaborative and active Mac community as never before.