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MACWORLD: Leave the old PowerBook for the new one?

Much of Apple's luck stems from the loyalty of its users. Those who have owned a Mac for a long time will not be able to do without buying a new computer with the apple brand, perhaps passing the less powerful machine to a family member or selling it on the Apple market. used (perhaps through our Macity Market announcements page) the number of Macs in circulation is growing too, without knowing the premature death of many compatible, recycled or abandoned … But when the time comes to abandon the old faithful Mac? Many times when technological progress leads to double or triple performance compared to the current machine, others when checking for the presence of innovative features (for example the introduction of a DVD player).

This time many apple "aficionados", who may not be able to fully exploit the power of the G4 processors, will have some extra headaches in seeing the photos we publish on this MacProf page: the old PowerBooks, although beautiful in their sinuous curves, they seem to belong to the prehistory of design.All the disadvantages of the large size of the Display (from 15.2 inches, we remember it) seem to be canceled by the reduction of all the other measures: as in the case of the Cube and the iMac, Apple designers have thought to reduce the machine to its substance, to what it really needs, by covering it with an elegant and in many ways original dress, both for the choice of material and for the shape.

Visiting stores like Compusa we got to see the new models of HP, Compaq and other big manufacturers that offer "design" models: they seem pale imitations, many times at the limit of the cheap, of the Apple look and feel, even you fall in the ridiculous by choosing silver plastic materials of poor quality, mixing impossible colors, without even the self-irony of those who know they want to reproduce unnecessarily not only the external aspect of a computer but also its philosophy.

As usual Sony is an exception, which in some of its portable Vaio models or even more in some desktops has reached an excellent compromise between functionality and design … but here too there is a culture of technological beauty that pairs with that Apple and not by chance the one Steve Jobs says he aims to know the wishes and "envy" of his army of MacLovers.

Do you want to check if the time has come to let others use your PowerBook? On this MacProf page.