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Macworld: iPod video or "Palmarone"?

Will a new digital gadget, a laptop with strong wireless and network capabilities, be the new sensation that Apple will present at the Macworld which opens today in San Francisco?

What for now only a rumor, which is still very confused, is catching on several American sites, some of which are not at all dedicated to rumors, such as C / Net.

The US site, which has a long and solid traction in terms of scoop and advances yesterday put forward the hypothesis that it is a new product, never seen before, the big announcement that awaits the public of the keynote. A "thing" with Bluetooth and 803.11g connectivity whose contours are not yet defined, but which will not be a traditional PC.

C / Net in this regard makes two equally reliable hypotheses.

It could be something similar to Tablet PCs, portable machines built substantially around an LCD screen and equipped with some of the primary functions of a computer, but whose purpose is to work in symbiosis with a central CPU or to connect to various digital devices. In short, something very similar to the "Palmarone" that Macity has talked about for a long time in the past

Apple would have all the technologies available to make this device: an operating system that can be easily "scaled", low-consumption processors, an advanced network system such as Rendezvous, iSync for synchronization and a system for handwriting recognition. The IEEE 803.11g high speed network would allow the transfer of data, images and movies at high speed, a standard TV connector would allow its use in connection with a TV and Bluetooth and the connection of peripherals such as mice and keyboards without the need for wires.

A second, less futuristic but equally interesting hypothesis could be the launch of an iPod II. The heir to the current player would have video and wireless capabilities, could show movies and images on a color screen and would be able to connect to the Mac and other wireless devices. It would be a middle ground between a real PDA and a pocket gadget, thanks to which you could exchange movies and audio files and that would also be equipped with a touch-sensitive screen.

Some analysts have leaned towards the latter hypothesis that Apple would have already shown something similar, in confidential meetings with some partners, something similar and its cost, much lower than that of a Tablet PC. And products at affordable costs but with high margins, mean, as the experience of the iPod teaches, safe sales and profits.