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MacWorld in Tokyo delayed, not a coincidence

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MacWorld in Tokyo delayed, not a coincidence logomacitynet1200wide 1

As we mentioned in a news this morning Apple has "remodeled" the dates of the Expo that see its presence. In particular, the date of the Japanese MacWorld has been changed. Instead of holding the event at the end of February now scheduled at the end of March, to be precise from 21 to 23 March next year, exactly one month after the traditional period, at the Tokyo Big Sight (and not as the Tokyo Big Site mistakenly wrote some site), a hypermodern structure that we show in the photo alongside.

At the moment there are no details on the reasons for the modification of the calendar and therefore all that can be said become mere assumptions. However, it cannot be noted that with the shift in early spring the Expo falls into a particularly favorable period, in particular, by drawing up a hypothetical calendar, at a time when the moment of the launch of the new iMac could be ripe. From the news we receive in these hours, in fact, at the beginning of March IBM may be able to deliver in volume the new processors of the PPC 750FX series that they seem more than suitable for the new all-in-one desktop. It would not be foolish to even think, instead of a new iMac, of a restyling of the iBook which at that point could also use the new chips. Quite sure, as we already have said this morning, that Tokyo MacWorld has always been considered too close to that of January and therefore not very exploitable for the launch of substantial news since these normalme nte are presented in San Francisco.

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