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MACWORLD Color nightmares

MACWORLD Color Nightmares

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Not everyone is enthusiastic about the new revolution launched by Steve Jobs. Among these are the very many peripheral manufacturers and gadgets that crowd the exhibition stands. For them the change in the colors of the new line "iMac autumn winter" (so called the renewal of the shades of the houses the Apple CEO) is to say the least disastrous.They are in fact destined to end up in some sale at the end of the season or even the millions of mice, keyboards, lamps, graphic tablets and even tangerine, bondi blue and grape tables remain unsold. "At least Apple had warned us – we hear from the stands – but instead nothing. The change took us by surprise. ”According to some of the companies represented here in New York, Apple does not provide any cooperation in this regard. Even companies that are not irrelevant like Wacom claim that to make products that match the colors of the houses everything must be done at home by eye or by measuring with the colorimeter to have the colors in advance. Who then thinks that the change of colors can also be turned into good business because new products are sold even to those who have already bought similar products are wrong according to Wacom. "It takes two or three months to go into production and just as many to understand which ones are the most popular", says an article by ZDNet and this produces a considerable delay when it comes to going to the market. The situation is advising many producers to take alternative routes. Who can, for example who builds peripherals of sufficient dimensions, thinks to realize for the future objects with replaceable panels. This would reduce the cost of converting warehouses. Others believe that the right way could be the realization of houses in neutral color, others still now hope to sell to device manufacturers created with colors similar to iMacs. For example, speaker builders plan to offer speakers to those who have built walkmans in colors similar to bondi blue or tangerine. But there are also those who have less pessimistic opinions. After all, there are 3.5 million iMacs around and users of these machines may still need peripheral devices "in style"

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