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Macword of San Francisco, "almost" record

San Francisco Expo organizers can be satisfied. The Californian event ended with an official budget of 90,473 visitors, around 6000 more than last year and 40,000 more than in New York. Only the 2001 Macworld with its 93,000 visitors, record of all time, would have done better than the 2003 edition, marking a very important milestone for Apple and the organizer. The Macworld, in fact, confirmed itself as an absolutely unique event and in contrast with those that characterize the world of IT, whose presence is constantly decreasing.

However, one cannot say that the crisis does not feel. This is demonstrated by the constant and inexorable drop in exhibitors. This year there were 330, last year there were 350, in 2001, the edition of the records, there were even 450. But in this respect it would be difficult to think that things would go otherwise. Between closings, mergers and waivers for economic reasons, gathering a large number of stands becomes very difficult

Recall that the Macworld Expo is the most popular of the two Mac fairs held in the USA. The New York edition, for example, collected 58,000 admissions last year (64,000 in 2001), far fewer than San Francisco. Only Tokyo, thanks to different commercial policies on entrance tickets, was able to gather 100,000 visitors as well.

Returning to the Macworld in San Francisco, 2003 edition, the declarations of most exhibitors were marked by satisfaction. Large crowd but also great attention and participation in all events.

The next appointment, now, for the Macworld Expo in New York whose start date has already been set for July 14th. But the event, as well known, is threatened by Apple to desert the review. A step that could lead to the collapse of the whole "castle" of cards on which Mac fairs are held in the USA