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Macromedia Italia seeks "specialist"

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Here is what the announcement says:

“Becoming a Macromedia Specialist means joining the small group of freelancers chosen and prepared by Macromedia to demonstrate their technologies. You will be able to present Macromedia products and your solutions to an audience of users and potential customers during the main industry events and road shows. Macromedia in Italy.

Four main professional profiles have been identified:

Profile 1: Graphic Designer and Web Designer * Knowledge of DTP, of graphics oriented to the world of printing and prepress * Knowledge of graphics and design oriented to the world of web

Profile 2: Web Developer * In-depth knowledge of the world of the Web and, marginally, of 'traditional' graphics

Profile 3: Developer on Server Side Technologies * In-depth knowledge of one or more Server-Side languages ​​for the development of Web Applications

Profile 4: Multimedia content developer * In-depth knowledge of the world of multimedia and e-learning

To participate in the selection in profiles 1, 2 and 4, at least one Macromedia certification is required, to be achieved by February 28, 2003.

The selection of curricula will take place on the basis of qualifications and through a motivational interview. The training will involve those who have passed the selections and includes, among other activities, a communication course and management of the dynamics of a presentation in public. All the selection and training path will be managed by an external company.

For more information, see this page on the Macromedia website. "