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MacOs X 10.1 in stores also in Italy

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MacOs X 10.1 in stores also in Italy logomacitynet1200wide 1

Puma, the update to version 10.1 of MacOs X, will also be distributed in the main stores that deal with Mac in Italy. The news, although not yet official, has been confirmed to Macity by reliable sources and can therefore be considered practically certain Thus, some of the main concerns that had troubled the eve of the release cease. In particular, it will not be necessary to order the CD or spend from your own pocket to have the disk and therefore be able to update your operating system. The difficulties that would follow the modalities announced by Jobs during the MacWorld Expo in New York are therefore overcome. Then the CEO had said that the update, which will be very large enough to make downloading from the Internet impossible, would be offered for sale at the price of shipping and support, deciding to distribute the update worldwide in the main Apple outlets and free of charge has in this case shown great sensitivity, respect and the ability to listen to its users.

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