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MacOs X 10.1, how fast?

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MacOs X 10.1, how fast? logomacitynet1200wide 1

At the presentation of MacOs X 10.1, Apple has focused heavily on the performance of the new OS, underlining the speed of the update. At the moment there is still no reliable data from an independent source that confirms the quality of the update in this sense, but some sites are starting to present rather indicative bench tests. Among others we point out the tests performed by MacSpeed ​​Zone which has compared in some task version 10.04 and Puma. The interesting result confirms that if not 100% faster than the predecessor, the update certainly shows a significant increase in responsiveness. The greatest gain on a G4 / 867 in the launch of applications and in booting the system. Internet Explorer, for example, opens in just 3 seconds against almost 6 in MacOs X 10.04; the classic environment starts in 37 seconds compared to almost 44 in the previous version. The progress in starting the machine is significant: less than 39 seconds against 63. The speed of indexing a disk and duplicating files is more or less identical. Puma slower (albeit slightly) in duplicating a folder with 1100 elements. Also interesting is the data collected by Xlr8YourMac which focus on the use of some applications. On a G4 dual 500 MacOs X 10.1 faster in exporting movies in QT, in the use of a game like Quake and in duplicating and copying files on an external disk connected via FireWire. Xlr8YourMac also confirms that system startup and application launches are now much faster than previously. In the coming days, Macity will present numerous pages with tests and impressions of use of the update.

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