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MacJanitor 1.2, the freeware that monitors Mac OS X most frequently

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MacJanitor a program designed to be used periodically by Mac OS X users who do not leave their computer on 24 hours a day and provided on a freeware basis as a service for those who use laptops or want to save energy even on stationary computers.

The Mac OS X Unix subsystems were written for machines that are usually never turned off. Mac OS X takes this for granted and many of its maintenance tasks are scheduled to run early in the morning or on a weekly basis, on weekends or once a month overnight.If these maintenance tasks are never performed as well as in laptops many log files and system databases will become too large or will not be able to use them.

MacJanitor allows you to perform a series of these tasks at the push of a button: laptop users can click the 'daily' button every morning or at daily intervals or those who use a computer in the office can click the 'weekly' button (weekly) on Monday.

If you left your machine turned off at night without allowing maintenance tasks for many weeks, the first time you launch MacJanitor it may take several minutes to finish the checks. It is also advisable to have considerable disk space because the maintenance logs could be very large and require many MB for reallocation and compression. After the first check, MacJanitor takes about a minute to perform its tasks.

The result of the operations is shown in the scrolling window at the bottom of the interface. You can also print, if you want the log of the operations performed.

By doing the maintenance tasks more frequently you will not damage your system. Run the application once a day when you have a free minute.

In version 1.2– the program is integrated with the Mac OS X keychain – the "Run All" function executes all 3 maintenance scripts – it is possible to stop the operation in progress.

The 150k file can be freely downloaded from this page of the developer Brian Hillhttp: //