MacBook, wider sound scene thanks to the new Apple patent

MacBook, wider sound scene thanks to the new Apple patent

Although the audio solutions used in laptops are in some cases of good quality, several factors limit the obtainable sound scene and the total immersion that derives from it during listening, thanks to various factors such as the noise level of this type of PC and the limited space available for transducers. The best solution is as always obtainable through the connection of external speakers equipped with amplification, but Apple would be working on a solution that can improve the spatiality of the sound with the integrated transducers.

To talk about it is a new patent that could come to life in future MacBooks. The system described is based on the basic principle currently used by high-end laptops, where the left and right audio channels take advantage of crosstalk cancellation. This is basically a form of noise cancellation, which allows you to recreate a more precise sound scene, in which stereophony is more emphasized and correctly perceived by our ears.

Through audio reflection mechanisms, the system described in the patent is able to evaluate the size and shape of an area, using crosstalk cancellation more effectively. A rather complicated system at a theoretical level, which in fact should increase the projection of the audio from the MacBook speakers, giving a feeling of greater airiness and spatiality.

As with any patent, this simply states that Apple is thinking about such a type of technology, of course there is no indication that it is actively working on it. If implemented, however, it could give the MacBook an additional advantage in the multimedia segment, where it is already one of the favorite computers.

Speaking of speakers in the MacBook, the problem encountered in the MacBook Pro 16 (available from November 13) is recent, which consists of speaker tendency to produce an unwanted and annoying click-like or "pop" sound when the playback of an audio or video file is stopped, or when a window is closed. Apparently, a software update is expected to resolve the issue soon.