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Mac OS X: Print from Chooser with all unsupported printers too

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Mac OS X: print from Chooser with all printers not supported also logomacitynet1200wide 1

As expected, not all printer manufacturers have updated their X drivers promptly. For some models it will be necessary to wait and put pressure on the development, but in the meantime, if you use an application that runs in Classic mode you can still take advantage of the "Chooser" or "Chooser" available under the Apple menu. If you launch a Classic application in fact you will have on screen the old dear desk with the world logo on the left and, while some control panels or settings will not be available since X takes care of the management, "Chooser" is always active and efficient. From here you can select your printer connected to USB or models on the network. The printer will be viewed without problems by your Classic application.

But the beauty is that with a little trick you can also print from MacOS X from any printer. Any application in MacOS X can send the page to be printed not only to the printer but to a "Preview" in PDF format that is It is possible to record on disk. The operations to be performed are simple. – Launch Acrobat Reader 4 or 5 in Classic mode. – Launch your Mac OS X application. – Send the page print command from the appropriate menu. – in the box that appears you have two possibilities – Print or Preview ("Print" or "Preview") – choose "Preview" or "Preview": a very common PDF file is generated and you will save it on the disc. – At this point go to Acrobat Reader in classic, open the files or files and printed on any printer previously selected in the resource selection.

The system is not very direct but will allow you, in addition to printing with any type of peripheral, also non-postscript plotters (!), To exchange files with any platform. Power of PDF and X.

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