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Mac OS X on the way to PC servers?

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The rumors about Marklar are back, the project that, according to some rumors, Apple would set up to create an escape from the PPC platform and which provides for the implementation of a version of Mac OS X capable of running on Intel and AMD processors .

According to eWeek and his journalist Matthew Rothemberg, known in the past for being one of the most introduced observers in the Mac world, the initiative would not only continue, despite the promises of a record-breaking IBM processor for the end of next year, but even it would be pointing out and articulating.

Rothemberg argues that Marklar would have been shown in recent days to several server manufacturers, including HP itself. The aim would be to test the reactions and confront those who theoretically might have an interest in using an alternative operating system to those of Microsoft.

Rothemberg, rightly, points out that an Apple that opened its OS to the PC platform could take serious risks given that the vast majority of its profits come from the sale of hardware. In addition to this, a Server version for PC of Mac OS X would be a kind of own goal for Xserve's strategy and a good way to alienate the sympathy of IBM which in the field of servers, with its PPCs, has a market of primary importance .

Rothemberg assumes that at the moment both Marklar and the comparison with PC hardware manufacturers would basically be a dialectical moment rather than a real strategy designed for porting.