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Mac OS X, in the future third-party sound cards?

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Is there support for sound cards built by third parties in the future of Mac OS X? The indiscretion launched the Thinksecrets website, according to which Cupertino has been working in this direction for some time.

According to the site, the engineers of the Apple company would have already started writing drivers for cards such as the SoundBlaster Extigy (already present in version 10.2.3 of the operating system), but also for products such as Audigy and Audigy 2 which they will come in the future followed by others. The aim would be, precisely, the possibility of supporting 'out of the box', medium quality sound cards, a need that, it seems, is increasingly spreading among end users who want to go beyond the basic characteristics of the machines without contact specialized products for professional audio.

In parallel, Apple would also start to implement support for 3D acceleration cards used in the world of professional videorendering, such as Nvidia's Quadro and ATIA Fire GLs. high version.

Recall that Apple has long started a path that, ideally, should lead it to occupy some of the positions currently reserved in Hollywood studios and in the Pro field in general for Sun, SGI and PC machines with Linux installed, offering lower costs, an OS standardized and better support. The moves indicated by Thinksecret, if confirmed, do seem to be going in this direction.