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Mac OS X and Safari: use at historic highs

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Net Applications controls the operating systems and Web browsing programs used by users who access a network of 40 thousand Internet sites. Traditional Net Application surveys record absolute historical records for the Apple platform, both for the operating system and for the Safari web browser.

As for Mac OS X, the percentage of users detected of 8.23%, with a growth of 4.43% compared to the previous month. Although it is not market share or data collected from sales, the overall performance of Mac OS X is constantly growing. Except for some slight temporary drops, the graph created by Net Application shows steady growth for Mac OS throughout 2007 and 2008 up to September examined in the latest statistics.

The Windows platform obviously remains the number one at a great distance: on a total of 90.29%, about 68% composed of Windows XP systems while Vista registers 18% of users. Mac OS X the second computing platform in general and the third most popular operating system.

Safari also grew to 6.65%, an increase of 3.26% on the previous month. Internet Explorer remains the first browser with 71.52%, Firefox ranked second with 19.46% and Safari third.

Among the Net Application revelations, Apple's pocket-sized touches also appear: among all devices and operating systems that access the Web iPhone at 0.32% and iPod touch at 0.04%, with identical percentages for Mobile Safari, the default browser of the two paperbacks.