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Mac OS X and FireWire-Oxford 911 incompatibilities?

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Incompatibility Mac OS X and FireWire-Oxford 911? logomacitynet1200wide 1

We quote for everyone Vincenzo Azzone: “I am a owner of a new and flamboyant Powermac G4 / 800DP which is fine especially under OSX. The only thing that seems not to work well is my HD Firewire with Oxford 911 bridge. The HD in question works perfectly under Classic while on OSX there are problems. From the various tests that I have been able to carry out it seems that the Firewire disk is not mounted for nothing if it turns on before the Mac. The disk is mounted correctly only if it turns on or connects when OSX 10.1 has restarted. There are also problems when the Mac is put to sleep, on awakening the FW disk is not recognized. I tried to change the hard drive in the firewire case and I tried a 15Gb HD WesterDigital and an IBM 40Gb HD (original Apple), and the results do not change. I hope that Apple will solve this annoying problem or that third party drivers will be able to remedy it. "

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