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Mac Os X 10.2.4 update available

The expected update of the operating system leads, according to Apple, the improvement of a series of overall features and some applications in particular.

Specifically, they are particularly affected by this new version of the Address Book, Classic, Finder, Firewire, OpenGL, Quartz and Sherlock connectivity. In addition, Apple reports an improvement with AFP compatibility and Windows file service, as well as more general improvements in audio, graphics, printing and disc burning.

Among the first benefits experienced in the field with this operating system upgrade, the resolution of the bug that makes the 500 Mhz iBooks “freeze” during presentations with Keynote, the new Apple software in competition with Microsoft PowerPoint. The assisted configuration of Bluetooth which makes pairing with mobile phones easier for data exchange and navigation.

The update available both in combo version (ie for those who have not yet downloaded or installed the latest version 10.2.3, they are 76 MB in total) and in a "simple" version (which can only be used by those who already run Mac OS X 10.2.3, 40 MB in total)

On the use impressions of our readers we have opened a special space on the MacityNet Forum.