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Mac OS X 10.2.4: all the improvements and ways to download it

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Mac OS X 10.2.4 Update in Combo version updates Mac OS X 10.2, 10.2.1, 10.2.2 or 10.2.3 to version 10.2.4: to download it click on this link: it is about 76 MB.

The update from 10.2.3 to 10.2.4 available by clicking on this link: it is about 40 MB.

Upgrades Here are some of the upgrades of the update.

Digital and audio hub – Further enhances an enhancement introduced with Mac OS X 10.2.3, whereby specific documents and folders of Mac OS file systems are no longer copied to disc when burning a CD.

– Improve audio quality for FireWire audio devices.

– Optimize support for mLAN devices.

– Adds support for LaCie d2 48x12x48x recorders.

– Improves the operation of voice-activated applications in Classic.

– Fixes an issue where audio may not be sampled when using some audio applications for Mac OS 9 in the Classic environment.


– The Page Size pop-up menu in the Print Size window now contains submenus if the selected printer has different margin settings for the paper size.

– Includes software for Brother printers that support Rendezvous.

– Solves a potential security problem with the CUPS printing system; for more information, refer to article 61798: "Apple Security Updates".

– The list of shared printers now appears by default in the "Format for:" pop-up menu in the Print Format dialog boxes.

Network, modem and Internet connection

– Allows you to enable or disable the ability to connect to an AFP server using an administrator user password.

– Allows you to use a hardware Ethernet address with the ifconfig command in the Terminal application.

– Improve results when copying large documents (4GB or greater) to a Windows File Sharing (SMB) server.

– Solves an issue where connecting to an AFP server or other server could lead to the opening of a Finder window in which the contents of the Volumes directory appear, instead of the target volume.

– Solves an issue where, after updating the web browser chosen by the user, another browser may be unexpectedly selected as the default.

– Addresses potential kernel problems that can occur when receiving a call on the same line that connects a DSL model to the Internet.

– Includes Sendmail version 8.12.6; for more information, refer to article 61798: "Apple Security Updates".

– Now the selection with the audio of the active modem audible on a laptop.

– Rendezvous-enabled computers with Personal Web Sharing functionality enabled appear in the Rendezvous Safari bookmark collection.

Address Book and Mail

– Solves a situation in which an application that is using Address Book closes unexpectedly when you delete text from the search field of contact display.

– Address Book remains open after closing all its windows.

– The edit mode in the Address Book now includes the Cancel functionality.

– Addresses an issue that may occur when closing Address Book after creating a new group.

– Improve Address Book formatting for Irish and Japanese addresses.

Finder – Solves a problem that could occur if the icons of existing elements are "moved" by other elements that are dragged near the left or upper end of the Desk.

– Fixes a situation where the Finder may temporarily stop responding after closing an Information window.

– It improves the process whereby it is possible to paste a custom icon over another existing icon.

– Dragging an alias from the preview column to the Trash can no longer delete the original element.

– Improves the reliability of data in the progress window when copying a large document to an iDisk or WebDAV volume (a message indicating "5 seconds at the end of the process" previously could have indicated much more than five seconds).

Other upgrades – Reduces problems caused by a damaged font inside the Font folder of the System folder used by the Classic environment, even if Classic is not active.

– Sherlock now allows you to select search results by typing.

– Addresses a situation that could lead to kernel problems during logout.

– Fixes some situations where Apple System Profiler 3.0 may close unexpectedly.

– Resolves an issue where the computer may not go to sleep during a period of inactivity after you unplug a FireWire or USB device.

– Selecting several items from a list in a dialog using the Shift-click combination now works best in some Mac OS X (Carbon) applications.

– Activating Folder Actions no longer involves an increase in the amount of disk space used.

– The Classic environment no longer reconstructs the background image of Mac OS 9 on both monitors if you use the Monitor preferences to set the screens when Classic starts.

– Fixes an issue where the Classic environment may unexpectedly crash on a laptop while the system is stopped and some USB devices are connected.

– Addresses an issue where System Preferences may close unexpectedly if the Voice panel is open, Voice Elements is active and the microphone detects sounds.

– Improves compatibility with Firaxis Civilization III when the "Quartz text rendering" option of the active application.

– The computer does not enter into Stop as expected if some Ethernet cards are installed but the network ports are disabled in the Network preferences.

– Fixes a situation where in Disk Utility (10.3 v88.11) some disk repair utilities detect non-existent problems with the "HFS wrapper" of a newly initialized disk; this situation does not lead to data loss.

– For the Swedish system: solves a problem where some advanced calculations performed with the calculator could result in zero.