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Mac OS X 10.1 up close: what readers think

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Raffaele Giombarresi“I like the new OS. The applications under Classic open with the same speed as Mac OS 9.2, and the use is not visibly slowed down by the use of the Classic environment, although clearly slower. I converted a 5 minutes and 20 minutes song to MP3. Using iTunes for OS 9, it took 120 seconds, with iTunes for Mac OS X it took 109 seconds, finally using iTunes under Classic it took 160 seconds. The 480-pixel Quicktime movies are played up to 2 X without any slowdown. You immediately notice that the faster finder than before, that is the opening of the windows and the resizing are almost as fast as Mac OS 9. Among the news importantly, the contextual menus are enriched with new items, including "Info", to quickly show the information of a file, and, after hearing, to make "copy and paste" with icons, an operation unknown to us Mac users ( the same system used by Windows), but which is particularly convenient now that, as there are no more impulse folders, we are forced to open the destination folder first to drag a group of icons onto it. Hello to all. I have a Power Mac G3 Yosemite, 300 MHz, 320 MB. "

Matteo Curtoni"There is no comparison with 10.04, absolutely. On my iMac DV SE 500 10.1 it works wonderfully. The only flaws: refusal of the printer (Epson Stylus Color 900 … but there should not have been a driver for this model too?) And the iDisk which, despite Apple's declarations on iTools improvements, of an exasperating slowness. Has anyone else had trouble with the iDisk or is it just me? "

Vincenzo Scuderi"I finally installed 10.1, and I must say that really heartening, I haven't had a system in my hands for years that mediates this feeling of completeness, power endurance, and speed. Some numbers: on an ibook 2001 with 10.0.4 launch explorer 16,190 seclancio mail 11,284 seclancio telephone connection 3,743 launch os9 1 ′, 40sec

with 10.1 explorer launch 4.343 mail release 4.180 phone connection release 3 os9 release 1 ', 30 sec

the other operations such as the reduction of the windows in the dock, the viewing in columns with relative resizing are of a simply extraordinary speed or maybe I should say normal "

hany el imam “I am a very happy owner of a splendid iBook tangerine 300 (USB only) with 128 Mb of Ram agp ati128 video card 4 Mb VRAM (max 800 × 600) and 6 Gb of Hd. I divided the HD into 2 partitions, 5 Gb for osx and 1 Gb for Os9. (both HFS +) On the os9 partition I installed the 9.1 contained in the macosx package (March 2001) and I updated it to 9.2.1 with the update. On the osx partition I installed (in order): osx 10.0. 0 – developer tools 10.0.0 – ComboUpdate 10.0.4 – MacOSX 10.1 (build 5G64) – developer tools 10.1 (5G64). I tried to upgrade the firmware contained in the osx 10.1 cd but it gave it to me as already updated. I had made the previous upgrade. The system configuration: the only variations to the default conf are the background of a single color, the activation of the LAN, appletalk, file sharing, http, ftp and ssh daemons. I removed the rounding of the characters and I work in 16 bits in 800 × 600. Well, having said that, I confirm what I have already written in other posts that is that this build is literally ANOTHER operating system. I mean that even if aesthetically identical to previous builds (if not with some improvements), in reality the behavior of the system in EVERY aspect of it has absolutely improved. Both in terms of speed and compatibility / stability. The applications provided in the system open in max 2-3 seconds, including explorer. Third-party apps literally 'fly' as freehand 10.If a typical mac user graphic designer should ask me if it is worth years and years to change from 9 to X … well, I would tell him that from Saturday he MUST do it because it is important to take advantage of it this 'pioneering' period in order to fully understand and identify with the new logic of this system. My ibook has finally become a powerful stable and versatile unix box, on which I have fun with freehand, dreamweaver, photoshop … it still seems incredible to me, but it is so-I recommend it to ALL. "